Fresh & Authentic Salsa

Enjoy Our Delicious Salsa in Our Restaurant & At Home!

Rather than picking up a mass-produced, non-authentic salsa at the grocery store, choose a delicious, locally made, fresh salsa filled with the taste of Mexico by purchasing El Charro’s salsa! Our salsa is made from a family recipe that patrons of our Dodge City, KS restaurant have been able to enjoy for almost 30 years. It is served as the perfect complement to our tortilla chips, along with each meal.

And now, our salsa is available for you to purchase, so you can enjoy it whenever you want! We currently sell our salsa at our restaurant and Shurfine food stores. It makes a perfect dip for every meal, a snack everyone will enjoy and great for parties! Each jar of salsa is homemade with fresh, natural ingredients. You can taste the difference!

Purchase a jar for yourself today or visit our restaurant to get a taste of authentic Mexican salsa, blending the perfect amount of spice, heat, tang and flavor!

At our restaurant we also serve flavorful “California” and green “jalapeno” sauces. Try each sauce; you will love them all!

Salsa #4

Extra Hot Salsa ...
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Salsa #3

Hot Spicy Salsa ...
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Salsa #2

Medium, Chipotle Salsa ...
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Salsa #1

Mild, Sweet Salsa ...
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Contact us today at 620-225-0371 for additional information about our sauces and where you can get a jar of our salsa! And be sure to check out our full menu, available for dine-in and takeout.